How to order

Ordering Information

No need to have an idea in mind.

I can and will always help you with choosing an Ice Sculpture that will best fit your parties/ events needs.

If you have an idea, great! All ideas are always welcome.

Emails are the best for planning out ideas.

Once we narrow your search down to a couple of ideas. I will create a sketch of your Ice Sculpture.

During the sketching process, I will add luge/ monogram/ size dimensions.

During this process we will determine actually prices.

  • Note, Luges can be added to almost Ice Sculpture.
  • Note, Monograms are information that is put into the Ice. Such as a company logo.
  • Special Note, I do NOT provide CNC work at this time.
  • All Carvings are hand-carved.

The sketch will give a rough idea what the Ice Sculpture will look like.

  • Note, Carvings will vary sightly from the sketch due to carving needs.
  • All Sketches are free of charge.

Once we get confirmation that the Sketch and Price is what you looking for, we will setup time, date and location.

Payment Information

We except:

All Major Credit Cards, Company Check and Cash


Once Sketch and Pricing is determined, payment is to be paid in full on the day of setup.

  • Note, No deposit is necessary on Ice Sculptures, Ice Luges and Ice Bowls.
  • Note, There maybe a deposit on Specialty Ice Sculptures, Ice Bars and Ice Demos depending on what is required.
  • Special Note, all ICE BARS and ICE DEMOS must be paid in full on day of delivery, before setup.
  • Note, I offer a 2% Cash discount on all orders.

Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale Pricing is available for multiple orders.

Delivery for wholesale order must be freezer drops.

Setup is to be handled by purchaser.

Call for Pricing