Bring your imaginations to world of Ice


Ice Bar

Bring your Party to the next level of Awesomeness! Ice bars are customized to your parties needs. Sizes and themes very from one to the next making your party the very best.

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Ice Bowls

Looking for something small and elegant to brighten up you party? A will Ice Bowl would defiantly do the trick! Ice Bowls are use to keep your favorite foods and/or beverages cold from the rising temperatures. Salads, fruits and mix cocktails are ideal for this gorgeous ice sculpture. We freeze your favorite flower or theme inside the ice making it a truly magical event.

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Ice Sculptures

Add a Ice Sculpture to any event. Wether your having a wedding, Birthday or Holiday party. An Ice sculpture will truly being a touch of elegance to your event.

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Ice & Food

Looking to keep your cold food safe from rising temperatures? Look no further. Customize your food display with elegance of ice.

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Ice Luge

Adults Only! Ice Luge is where you pour your favorite martini/ shot through the the ice to bring your party to life. Please Drink Responsible.

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Live Ice Sculpting Demonstration

Pretty much speaks for itself. Wickedly beyond amazing! I will come to your establishment and put a live ice carving show on for you and your guests. Please call for more information.

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Q & A

Q. How big is an Ice Sculpture?
A. One block Ice Sculpture is roughly 40” tall by 20” wide..

  • Note, all ice sculptures are subject to change depending each carvings needs.

Q. How long will an Ice Sculpture last at an event?
A. Inside an Ice Sculpture will last 6 to 8 hours.

Q. How heavy is a block of ice?
A. One block of Ice pre-carved will weigh about 300lbs.

Q. Where can I put and Ice Sculpture?
A. An Ice Sculpture can be placed on any sturdy four-legged table or on top of a bar.

  • Note, Absolutely No Pedestal Tables. Aka one legged tables.

Q. Where dose the melting water from the Ice Sculpture go?
A. Each Ice Sculpture is placed in a clear plastic tray with a drain.
Water then drains into a bucket.

Q. How much does an Ice Sculpture cost?
A. Ice Sculpture cost will vary for one to the next depending on size, themes and the number of blocks required.

  • All pricing is subject to change.
  • Pricing Does Not include shipping & handling.
  • Tray w/ light and greenery are included.
  • Prices Are a ROUGH estimate cost.

Ice Bowl starts at $75.00
Ice Bars starts at $1500.00
One Block Ice Sculptures starts at $300.00
One Block Ice Luge starts at $350.00
Three Block Food Display starts at $800.00
One Block Ice Demos starts at $900.00

Q. Do you provide package deals for multiple Ice Sculptures?
A. Yes, Please call for pricing.